About Porchooneh


Producer and the host of the PORCHOONEH show strongly believes that there are so many issues in our lives which nobody dares to talk about. "You've got nothing to lose but a bunch of abusers and free riders who are better off not liking you", says Behrooz. "So step up to the plate, say what you really believe in and don't blame others for your weaknesses ".

Having accomplished academic education in Mechanical Engineering, computer science such as programming, design and with a background of teaching such courses in a famous technical university in Tehran, he doesn’t feel the need to rub it off the faces of a bunch of people who get turned on by these stupid titles. Behrooz Pakshir wrote the first Farsi guidebook for the Mechanical Engineers who wanted to design freezing or air conditioning systems with computer (HVAC) in Polytechnics University of Tehran. He says," Meaningless titles could never be a credit for anyone talking about a social or logical matter. If you can't handle the logic, that's your problem! "

Behrooz is the founder of Nirvan Guitar Instructors' Network (NGI), which is the first private academic guitar educational organization. With more than a decade of experience in guitar education and instruction, he introduced the Persian Rock and Heavy Metal style which is a unique blend of these two far away styles of music. His song writing and recording experience is the best guideline for serious guitar students who want to make their way through all the phases of learning the technique and theory along with the confidence of getting out on the stage, perform, and finally sitting down to record whatever they learn.

Porchooneh has about ten years experience in Kung Fu with a background of instruction of this delicate and technical martial art. He says " Punching or kicking people is not a nice thing to do, but having a KICK ASS TV SHOW sounds like a lot of fun! "